2018 Conference

The Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Association (JDVAA) is pleased to announce the Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference for 2018 ~ “ATL-Audiology Taking the Lead”.  The conference will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA on March 26-28, 2018.

JDVAC is an annual meeting between the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA) and the Military Audiology Association (MAA).  This annual meeting of the two organizations began as part of an effort aimed at expanding and enhancing the cooperation and collaboration between the DOD and VA Audiologists.  It provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration between the Audiologists treating our active duty service men and women and those working with our nation’s veterans.  The conference aims to offer sessions that are geared toward these particular cohorts and to address the hearing and healthcare issues that are central to what VA and DOD Audiologists deal with on a day to day basis; areas such as tinnitus treatment, TBI/polytrauma, hearing conservation, compensation/pension evaluation.

JDVAA is comprised of members from both the AVAA and the MAA boards.  JDVAA holds the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the JDVAC conference.


Registration Information:

Hearing aid vendors will have training before and after the conference.  Please remember to indicate on your hotel registration with KIVA the complete days of your stay regardless of vendor training.  There is a spot on the hotel registration to indicate which vendor is responsible for what hotel nights.  Please see attached for information on currently scheduled vendor training.

Remember that registration has two steps that you must complete:  Conference Registration and Hotel Reservation.  Both are completed through the KIVA website.


*Military sites may have the registration link blocked. If you are not able to register from a personal computer and are military please email Mary Kelly Bone at for assistance.

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