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This award recognizes extraordinary contributions to the VA. It recognizes a sustained effort of rare quality.


2024 Lauren Racoosin, Au.D.
2023 Christine Ulinski, Au.D.
2022 Paula Myers, Ph.D.
2021 Andrea Bourne, Au.D.
2020 Maureen Wargo, Au.D.
2018 Kim Whorton
2017 Judy Schafer, Ph.D.
2016 David Chandler, Ph.D.
2015 Gene Bratt, Ph.D. & Charles Martinez, Au.D.
2014 Colleen Noe, Ph.D.
2013 Kyle Dennis, Ph.D.
2012 Lucille Beck, Ph.D.
2011 Richard Wilson, Ph.D.
2010 Margaret Peak, Ph.D
2009 Robert Dunlop, Ph.D.
2008 Janet Shanks, Ph.D.
2006 Rick Bollinger, Ph.D.
2005 Douglas Noffsinger, Ph.D.
2003 G. Donald Causey, Ph.D.


This award proudly honors Tennessee native and UT Knoxville graduate 1LT Frank B. Walkup IV, a US Army Ranger, 25th Infantry Division, A CO, 2-35 INF, who was killed in action in Rashaad, Iraq on June 16, 2007. 1LT Walkup was the son of Mitzi A. Walkup who serves our veterans as the Cochlear Implant Coordinator on the Alvin C. York Campus of the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System and her late husband Frank B. Walkup III. This award is presented to AVAA members in recognition of special contributions made to AVAA or to VA Audiology through VA-related activities. It can recognize one outstanding contribution or contributions over time.


2024 Judy Schafer, Ph.D.
2023 Mary Kelly Bone, Au.D.
2022 Sean McClenney, Au.D.
2021 Margaret Peak, Ph.D.
2020 Anna Black, Au.D.
2019 R. Hope Gillison, Au.D.
2018 Paula Myers, Ph.D.
2017 Nancy Duran, Au.D.
2016 Scott Forbes, Au.D.
2015 Maureen Wargo, Au.D.
2014 Jennifer Nalley, Au.D.
2013 Charles Martinez, Au.D.
2012 Rachel McArdle, Ph.D.
2011 Darlene Moenter-Rodriguez, Ph.D.
2010 Colleen Noe, Ph.D.
2009 Nancy Cambron, Au.D.
2008 Gene Bratt, Ph.D.

Previous Recipients: (award previously named the AVAA Distinguished Service Award)

2007 Stephen Gonzenbach, Ed.D.
2006 Kyle Dennis, Ph.D.
2003 David L. Miller, Ph.D.


Given in recognition to persons who have made special contributions to VA Audiology in education or research, or who have brought recognition to VA Audiology through these venues.


2024 Kelly Reavis, Ph.D., M.S., M.P.H.
2023 Kathy Gates, Au.D.
2022 David Jedlicka, Au.D.
2021 Dawn Konrad-Martin, Au.D.
2020 Nancy Cambron, Au.D.
2019 Frederick J. Gallun, Ph.D. 
2018 Lisa Guillory, Au.D.
2017 Colleen Sneed, M.S. & Cindy Ochipa, Ph.D.
2016 Curtis Billings, Ph.D. & Marjorie Leek, Ph.D.
2014 Owen Murnane, Ph.D.
2013 Sheila Pratt, Ph.D.
2012 Sherri Smith, Ph.D.,Au.D.
2011 James Henry, Ph.D.
2010 Gail Takahashi, PhD.
2008 Faith Akin, Ph.D.
2007 Stephen Fausti, Ph.D.
2006 Harvey Abrams, Ph.D.
2005 Paula Myers, Ph.D.
2003 Richard H. Wilson, Ph.D.


This award is given in recognition to AVAA members or other members of the VA community for special contributions to Veterans. This award can recognize one outstanding contribution or contributions over time.


2024 Ilana Glick, Au.D.
2023 David Jedlicka Au.D. & Kaitlin Thoden, Au.D.
2022 Cyndi Trueheart, Au.D.
2021 Darrin Worthington, Au.D.
2020 Mary Kelly Bone, Au.D.
2018 Terry Haskins
2016 Oscar Armero, Au.D.
2015 Nancy King
2014 Tracey Papaleo, Au.D.
2013 Gail Hixon
2012 Jacqueline Walton
2011 Janet Sells, Au.D.
2010 Cathy Greener (VA ASPS National Office)
2009 Mary Ann Blumenthal (DALC)
2008 Stephen Gonzenbach, Ed.D.
2007 Jointly presented to Denver Acquisition & Logistics Center (DALC) and Hines Office of Information – Field Office (Hines OIFO)
2006 Denver Distribution Center Hurricane Response Team


This award is given in recognition to an individual or group that contributes an innovation or system redesign effort for the improvement of Audiology services to Veterans.


2024 Trisha Milnes, Au.D., M.H.A.
2023 Mark Sanders, Au.D.
2022 Hershel “Woody” Williams VA Audiology Team
2021 Krystal Vera, Au.D.
2020 Cara Michaux, Au.D.
2019 Orlando VA Medical Center (Denise Goforth, Au.D., Amber Tierney, Au.D., & Tiffany Warren, Au.D.)
2018 Maureen Wargo, Au.D., David Jedlicka, Au.D., & Cara Michaux, Au.D. from the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System Audiology Department
2017 Multi-Site Winners, Innovations in Telehealth Services
VA Pacific Islands VA HCS, San Francisco VA HCS, VA Eastern Colorado HCS, Sheridan VAMC, VA Salt Lake City HCS, VA Montana HCS, VISN 19 Telehealth Lead (Susan Blaney), & VISN 21 Telehealth Lead (Sandy Murphy)
2016 Darrin Worthington, Au.D.
2015 Erica Dombrowsky, Au.D.
2014 Bay Pines VAMC Audiology Section
2013 Chad Gladden, Au.D.