Frequently Asked Questions about Membership in the AVAA

Why Collect Voluntary Dues?

Although the Officers and Committee Members of the AVAA are non-paid volunteers who contribute their time in running and guiding the organization, there are expenses incurred by the Association’s activities. Various sponsors underwrite much of the cost of the annual meetings, however, other expenses such as legal fees, income tax filing fees (although AVAA is a non-profit organization, tax returns reporting income and disbursements still need to be filed), and website hosting fees are incurred in order for the Association to be able to pursue these educational activities. The voluntary dues will be used for these types of expenses that are incidental to the Association’s primary activity of providing educational opportunities.

A second reason to collect dues is how the IRS views associations such as ours. As a 501(c)6 organization, our non-profit tax status depends on, among other things, demonstrated interest in, and support for the organization by the membership.

One way membership interest in the organization is demonstrated is by the attendance at the annual meeting. However, another way the IRS looks for membership support is in the willingness of members to contribute dues to the organization.

Benefits of Voluntarily Contributing Dues to AVAA.

1) Knowledge that the contribution will be used to benefit an organization dedicated to the concerns of VA Audiologists.

2) While the voluntarily contributed membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution, they may be deductible as a business expense. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

Why Do You Want My Home E-mail Address?

As an employee organization, we have limited use of government resources, therefore an alternate, non-government method of communicating with the membership is needed. There are limits to what can be discussed in terms of audiology legislation using government resources and having your personal email allows us to keep you better informed about audiology.

Why Join Now?

Will there be a better time to show your support for Audiology in the VA?

Who Are the Current AVAA Officers?

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How do I add someone to the National Listserv?

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