2008 AVAA Conference Agenda

Podium Presentations

Beck: National Office Report

Takahashi/Osberg: Mentoring

Martinez: Mentoring Project

Akin/Murnane: Vestibular Function & TBI*

Gallun/Fausti/Leek: APD and TBI*

Knight: PTSD & TBI*

Quitmeyer/Bias: E-Authentication & ROES Online Ordering*

* denotes large file (approximately 3.5MB or larger)

Poster Presentations

the formats differ for the individual presentations

Bongiovanni: Acoustic Optimization…of CICs

Bongiovanni: Sound Recover: Frequency Compresson

Donham/Paschall: Benefit of Asymmetric Fittings

McDaniel/Fagelson/Smith: Changes in Tinnitus Handicap Scores

Myers, et. al: Progressive Audiologic Tinnitus Management

Salem: Use of HHIE in Prediction of Hearing Aid Fittings

Sjolander, et al.: Information Masking Effects in Adults with ESL

Spyies: Role of VA Maryland HCS in the Dx and Tx of Tinnitus

Trueheart: Directional Microphone Strategies in Adults with Dual Impairments.

Vann, et al.: Behavioral and Physiological Binaural Interactions

Walkup/Coombs: Observations on Insert Earphones vs. Headphones