JDVAC 2013 Presentations

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Akin JDVAC 2013 Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Management of the Dizzy Patient

AVAA JDVAC 2013 Business Meeting

Bealer JDVAC 2013 Fleet Hearing Loss Prevention

Beck JDVAC 2013 Update on VA Audiology Program

Benton JDVAC 2013 Mental Health & Tinnitus

Cambron JDVAC 2013 Cochlear Implants in the VA

Chandler JDVAC 2013 DoD VA Collaborations

Cote JDVAC 2013 Team Approach to Follow Up Care

Dennis JDVAC 2013 DBQ

Gifford JDVAC 2013 Bimodal hearing versus bilateral cochlear implantation

Hall JDVAC 2013 Role of Physical Therapy in Management of Dizzy Pt

Hume JDVAC 2013 Medical and Surgical Considerations in Cochlear Implantation

Johnson JDVAC 2013 Prescriptions for Hearing Aids

Jones JDVAC 2013 Wounded Warrior Initiative

LePrell JDVAC 2013

Levis JDVAC 2013 Operation S.A.V.E & Audiology

McArdle JDVAC 2013 FAC Update

McArthur JDVAC 2013 Tri-service Hearing Conservation Programs


Penman JDVAC 2013 Effects of Patient and Stimulus Factors

Polensek JDVAC 2013 Interdisciplinary Approach to the Dizzy Patient

Ramachandran JDVAC 2013 Communicating Audiologic Results in the Medical Setting

Sias JDVAC 2013 Mobile Audiology Clinic

Thomas JDVAC 2013 DoD-VA Audiology Key Note Address

Wargo JDVAC 2013 Cochlear Implant Criteria

Watts JDVAC 2013 MHP Training Kit

Wisneski JDVAC 2013 Hearing Center of Excellence Information Management