2015 Elections: Treasurer (3 year term)

The Treasurer of AVAA will make or authorize deposits and disbursements to and from the Association’s account(s) as authorized by the Executive Board; prepare a projected budget for planning of yearly meetings; coordinate all aspects of the AVAA budget with the Chesapeake Health Education Program (CHEP); coordinate with the Education Committee for the collection of tuition, registration fees, and dues at annual meetings; maintain a paid membership data base; maintain accurate records of sponsor donations and payments; provide a regular budget report at each Executive Board meeting; advise the President and President-Elect on budget status if there are any adverse developments; and complete and submit the yearly tax statements to the IRS. In the absence of both the President and the President-Elect, the Treasurer will preside at meetings.


Mary-Kelly-BoneMary Kelly Bone, Au.D.

Position Statement: I am interested in serving on the AVAA board because I believe that working together we can make a difference. I believe that my organization and commitment will be valuable. My communication skills will be useful in aiding the goals of AVAA.

Biographical Sketch: Dr. Bone has worked with the VA for 15 years. She completed an internship at the Mountain Home VAMC and a 4th year traineeship at the Pittsburgh VAHCS. She worked at the Central Alabama VHCS for six years. She has been with the Cincinnati VAMC since 2006 as staff audiologist and Audiology Program Manager. She currently is the liaison for the Traumatic Brain Injury clinic in Cincinnati. Dr. Bone has been instrumental in adding auditory processing evaluations and tele-health fittings/checks to the audiology schedule in Cincinnati. She is also responsible for teaching two tele-health classes each month (Progressive Tinnitus Management and Success with Hearing Aids). Dr. Bone received her Doctor of Audiology from Central Michigan University in 2000 and her Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Emerson College.

Currently, Dr. Bone is the co-chair for CEUs for the 2015 JDVAC conference. Outside of the VA, Dr. Bone is the chairperson for the Market Day fundraiser at her daughter’s school and the prize coordinator for the PTO’s largest fundraiser, Hullabaloo. Both of these positions require her to work within a budget and handle finances for the PTO.


Tina PenmanTina Penman, Au.D.

Position Statement: Thank you for allowing me to serve the last three years as your treasurer for the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA). It has been a rewarding experience to give back an organization that has already given so much to myself, fellow VA audiologists and researchers, and the Veteran population. Throughout this term, I established a good rapport with our third party vendors and stayed on top of IRS forms and processes. Outside of AVAA, I served as the vice president for the Junior League of Portland, specializing in Bylaws, Policies, Robert’s Rules of Order, and non-profit legal responsibilities, which has complimented my service on the AVAA board. While it’s important to spice it up and have new leaders take charge, I think it’s important to keep the institutional knowledge in place and fiduciary pieces intact. For this reason among many others, I would be humbled to serve as your treasurer once again.

The goal of our organization is “to achieve and maintain the highest quality of patient care, training, and research by individual audiologists and the programs in which they are housed.” By continued service on the board, I would ensure the “research” arm continues to be represented. Geographically, it would be an honor to continue to represent VA audiologists in the Pacific Northwest. As a social media guru, I would continue to advocate for VA audiology and promote our organization as determined appropriate- who we are, what we do, and why. Lastly, I would be humbled to continue serving an organization that is committed to serving our VA audiology family and our nation’s Veterans. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Biographical Sketch: Tina Penman is an audiologist at the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) at the VA Portland Health Care System. She has served as treasurer for the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA) since July 2012. She received a BS in behavioral neuroscience (2006) and clinical doctorate in audiology (2010) from Northeastern University. She serves on research grants at NCRAR that investigate the effects of aging, hearing loss, and diabetes on auditory evoked potentials and speech-in-noise perception and another research grant that investigates the effects of blast exposure on central auditory processing in the Veteran population. Personal research interests include the impact of social media platforms on the field of audiology. She also has researched the effects of military, recreational, and occupational noise exposure on the auditory system, including skydiving noise exposure. Her long-term goal as an audiologist is to better serve the soldier and veteran populations through the application of research findings to clinical practices, the real world, and combat-related settings.