AVAA Responds to May 4, 2017 blog:

The AVAA board is very appreciative of the passion being shown by our members and wants to keep an open dialogue going. Thank you for your dedication to our patients and organization. Unfortunately, there are limitations on utilizing government resources such as the listserv for discussions or information that are political in nature.  There are also restrictions to using government time for what is considered non-VA business.

That is why it is so important for our members to sign up for the email list with a personal email account; it gives the board a mechanism to provide information on audiology professional issues in a less restricted forum.

VA Audiologists provide evidence based care at the top of the Audiology scope of practice for the assessment and management of audiologic, vestibular, and communication disorders. We do this through comprehensive diagnostic evaluations both of the auditory and vestibular systems and communication assessments. We provide management of our veteran’s audiovestibular disorders through but not limited to amplification, cochlear implants, osseointegrated aids, and tinnitus devices; as well as incorporating extensive education to provide the veteran with the best possible chance at success with their devices and the ability to communicate. We also work in tandem with other services in our Medical Centers to provide whole patient care in ways that go beyond simply providing hearing devices.  Additionally, we provide high quality medical-legal examinations that impact a veteran’s disability for the top two service connected disabilities.

Audiology has consistently ranked highest on the Veteran Experience-Trust in VA Care Patient Experiences Dimensions of Care in the areas of: Access, Communication, Care Coordination, Office Staff, and Patient’s rating of provider out of twenty different specialties.

In times of uncertainly or transition, remaining focused on providing exceptional patient care and exceptional customer service should continue to be our top priority. Our veterans are our biggest ally during this process as well as the data in how we provide the best hearing and vestibular healthcare. Our service stands out from the civilian sector and we can make sure that our patients know this without a doubt. They feel how much we value them and our desire to continue to provide them the care they need and deserve.

AVAA consistently reviews and addresses issues that affect VA Audiologists and the profession of Audiology.  We have engaged in active and ongoing efforts to partner with our sister audiology organizations to regularly work with them on regulatory and legislative issues to and advocate for the profession of Audiology and VA Audiology. We are working closely with our sister audiology organization on this issue.  However, as with the listserv, there are times, especially on the legislative front, where there are limits to what AVAA can do on its own and we are dependent on our sister audiology organizations to advocate on our behalf.  Our members can assist us by also being members of the national and state audiology organizations they feel best represents them.  Supporting audiology as a whole will provide increased support for VA audiology.

May is better Hearing and Speech Month.  This is an ideal time to highlight the importance of hearing and balance health to not only our patients, but also to leadership at the local level and to our congressional representatives. Take this opportunity to show the types of services we provide beyond basic amplification, using the blogs listed below.  Demonstrate how we are at the forefront of hearing healthcare and innovation in service provision.  Look for a sample letter than can be used with your representatives.

Additional Better Hearing and Speech resources can be found at:


The AVAA board is appreciative of our members’ engagement and we are working on developing committees to increase member participation.  At this time, we feel the best thing our members can do is  continue to provide the highest level of audiologic care for our veterans, use positive data generated to educate our facilities and communities, and connect with the greater audiology community both at the state and national level.