2018 AVAA Elections

President-Elect (3year term)


The President-Elect will act as understudy to the President to become acquainted with the business and operation of the AVAA in preparation for assuming the duties of President. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect will assume the duties of the President. If the President, for any reason, cannot serve out a full term of office, the President-Elect will become President for the remainder of that term and also his/her regular term. In the event that the President-Elect also cannot serve out the full presidential term for any reason, the remaining officers shall cause an election for that office to take place.


1) JR McCoy, AuD

Dr. JR McCoy is an Advanced Practice Audiologist in the Central Arkansas Veteran’s Healthcare System where he has worked since 2003. Prior to this he worked in private practices and state government in California. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Oklahoma, his master’s degree from the University of Kansas, and Au.D. from the University of Florida. Since 2004 he has taught classes in aural rehabilitation, professional issues and vestibular diagnostics and rehabilitation at the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences/ University of Arkansas- Little Rock’s Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program. He has published in the area of vestibular evaluation which is his primary clinical interest. He is a native of St. Louis, MO but currently calls Hot Springs National Park, AR home.

Dr. McCoy has been a board member of both the California Academy of Audiology and the Arkansas Academy of Audiology as well as active in national organizations. He is eager to bring his experience and passion for advocacy of the profession to the AVAA board.


2) Alan Sias, AuD

Dr. Alan Sias is currently working as the audiologist in a CBOC, but he has worked in several situations. He had his own practice, worked in an ENT office, in other clinics, and as a fee provider to the VA. He also worked in manufacturing. Initially, in the VA, he worked as one of four audiologists, then became the supervisor as that clinic grew to include 12 audiologists and three health technicians. He eventually left that station so that he and his wife could move back to the Pacific Northwest. They love being outside and together. They have four children, and just welcomed their first grandchild.  Alan would like to serve on the AVAA board as he has thoroughly enjoyed working in the VA and treating the hearing health needs of veterans. He has volunteered in the Boy Scouts of America on several different levels, coached sports, and has been involved in other community groups throughout his adult life.

Alan would bring to the board his unique perspective of having worked in numerous practice settings. He would provide a well-rounded knowledge of the many sides of audiology. In his words “It would be a pleasure to serve my fellow audiologists within the VA.”

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Member-at-Large (1 year term)



Secretary (3 year term)

The Secretary of the AVAA will attend and record minutes at all meetings. In addition the Secretary will: maintain a historic record of the minutes that will be available to the members of the Executive Board through the AVAA website; arrange and schedule meetings for the Executive Board; develop the agenda for the meetings; continue action items on the agenda until they are resolved; manage and update the AVAA website, attend to all correspondence through AVAA email account,  and record the minutes of the debriefing after each yearly program. The secretary is responsible for the newsletter and the communication committee.


1)  Anna Black, AuD

Anna has been an audiologist with the VA since the beginning of her career.  From the very start she has been committed to the success of her clinic as well as the growth of our profession.  She is the TeleAudiology program manager for the San Francisco VA Healthcare system and manages the Pacific Islands Community Care/Choice hearing aid orders.  Anna demonstrates initiative in creating opportunities for access to care through her TeleAudiology and choice work. She is committed to the growth of our profession both within the VA and outside, and is an advocate for connected care. She would make an excellent addition to the board and will provide a forward thinking perspective which is the direction we as professionals always need to be moving

Anna Black obtained her Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida in 2010. Her externship was completed at the Washington DC VA and her first Doctor of Audiology position was at the Livermore CBOC, under the Palo Alta VA system. During her time at this clinic, she was the recipient of the Above and Beyond ASP Service Award. In addition, she served on the Patient Education Committee for the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. In 2013, she transferred to the San Francisco VA, where her journey with Teleaudiology began. This opened up new opportunities to help serve our warriors in far to reach areas. Dr. Black now serves as the Teleaudiology Program Manager at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. San Francisco’s program has evolved to five remote sites, including Honolulu. In 2016, the SFVA Teleaudiology team won the Federal Employee of the Year Award in Customer Service.  She served on the 2017 National Workgroup for TeleAudiology.


2) Nannette Gwinner, AuD

Nannette has been an audiologist with the VA for thirty-one years. She has worked for Bath VA Medical Center since she graduated from State University of New York with her Masters. Nannette received her Doctor of Audiology in March of 2007 from A.T. Still University. More recently, She received an Advanced Certification in Vestibular and Balance Disorders from SALUS.

Nannette is committed to Veterans, Audiology and Hearing healthcare. She is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient since 2004. Through her own personal experiences, Nannette has become a huge proponent of assistive/alerting devices. She has published booklets and brochures to aid patients with speech reading, tinnitus, and hearing aids. More recently; Nannette has provided the VA National Sharepoint with educational material, “Hearing Dogs for Audiologists”.  She continues to serve audiology as the Bath VA C-Special Emphasis Disability Program Manager,  as a member of the National VA Champion for Hearing Dogs,  as a member of the VA Atlantic Professional Standards Board, as a volunteer for Joint Defense VA Audiology Conference Committee 2015 to present, and the Association of VA Audiologists Awards Committee member 2017 to present.

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President-Elect (3-year term)