2009 JDVAC Meeting Presentations

2009 Meeting Program

Air Force Presentations

Bennett: Dealing with the Hearing Conservation Compensation Claim
Converse: Head Movement Postural Control
Foster: Electrophysiological Measures in CAPD
Jones: Fitness & Risk Evaluations: What is the Audiologist’s Role?
Jones & Martukovich: Three Options for Profound Unilateral SNHL
Sierra: How to Put Together an IRB Submission
Sierra: Wireless ABR *
Taylor: Hearing and Auditory Processing in Post-Deployment Soldiers

Army Presentations

Ciliax: The Army Hearing Program Technician Training & Health Promotion Information Update Initiative
Davis: TBI Case Study
Defining New Criteria for Army Hearing Profiles – Research Panel
Merkley: Operation Noise Study Romania
Robinette: Training Program for the Army Audiologist
Robinette: Post Deployments (Panel presentation)
Vause: GEMSs for Awesome Audiologists…

AVAA Presentations

Beck: National Office Report
Dennis & Flohr: Compensation & Pension Evaluation in the VA System
Gonzenbach & Noe: Ethics
Takahashi: Mentoring Program

Joint Meeting Presentations


Keynote Presentation – Cacace: Repercussions of Blast Related Injury on Peripheral and Central Auditory Function
Abrams: Ida Institute
Domoraki: The Use of Balance Lab Templates and Reports
Balance Report Template
Gates, et al.: Panel Discussion: NIHL: Are We Winning the War?
Harper: Case Studies of Balance Disorders in Iraq War Veterans
Martukovich: Cochlear Implantation: An Active Duty Case Study
Martukovich: Tinnitus Treatment: Neuromonics Device 59 MDW Experiences
Martukovich: Using LACE Software with CAPD Patients
Schuchman: Cochlear Implant Grand Rounds
Sierra: VeriPRO System: Preliminary Findings and Experiences with HPD from Multiple Manufacturers
White: Tinnitus Prevalence and Management: Miami VA Audiology Clinics **
Whorton & Quitmeyer: Advances in Product Ordering and Information Management through the DALC


Keynote Presentation
Knight: Conceptualizing Polytrauma Clinical Presentations in Soldiers and Veterans with PTSD & TBI

Bridging the Gap of Care: Panel discussion
Rudisill: VA/DoD Integration Projects
Dennis, Healy, Porter & Shortle: Coding for Audiology and Decision Support System (DSS)*
Dennis: Clinic Management

228R31 Mapping Worksheet
ALB 0110 Aud Clinic
DCM 0500 Workload by ECS-ECQ package
DCM 0500 Workload by Scheduling Package
DCM VL STATS – Productivity Report
DSS Identifiers – Instructional Guide
DSS Links URLs
Navigating DSS Reports Website

The VA Balance Laboratory *

TBI & Balance Disorders

Eliason, Davis, Curry-Mathis, Hannah, Cleveland, and Robinette: Audiometric Screening of Compo 2/3 Soldiers After Deployment
Grantham, Hill, Fausti, Henry, Grant, Qin, and McKinley: Panel Discussion: Essential Information for Research Audiologists *
Lynch: NIHL SPI-1005 Clinical Trial

Merkley: Noise and Fitness
McArdle: Speech in Noise *
McMullen: DOEHRS-DR Overview and McCord AFB C-17 Noise Survey
Peters: Remote Ear Plug Fabrication
Rosenfeld: Communication in the Clinical Encounter: Special Considerations for Hearing Impaired Elders
Smith: Improving Patient Memory Recall
Young: Augmenting Healthcare Services for Wounded Warriors through Assistive Technology

2009 JDVAC Meeting Sponsors

The Sponsors listed on following page provided financial support for the JDVAC meeting in exchange for exhibitor space during the meeting.

The inclusion of any vendor on the page that follows does not imply endorsement of their products or services by the Association of VA Audiologists, the Military Audiology Association, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense or the United States Government. The listing is provided as a convenience to attendees who may wish to contact one of the sponsors for additional information.

Starkey Logo  Siemens  Phonak-life is on Peltor - E-A-R

NeuroCom International  Phonak-Dyplex Communications, Ltd. Micro-Tech Westone - in the ear experts since 1959

Interton  Oticon - People First nacre - a sperian company R-I-T  National Technical Institute for the Deaf

FRYE lifetone technology MOLDEX - Ideas that wear well Ear Technology Corporation. TransEar for Single sided deafness.  Helping people hear better, every day. Warner Tech-care

Cardinal Health Neruomonics Tinnitus Treatment Oaktree Products, Inc

Williams Sound - Helping People Hear Benson Medical Instruments Cochlear

ASHA Audiology