Nebraska Western Iowa Healthcare System

Nebraska Western Iowa Healthcare system

Omaha, Nebraska 4101 Woolworth Ave
Omaha, Nebraska 68105
United States

We expect to have two positions, one in Omaha and one in Lincoln NE.

Number of externship positions:

Clinical opportunities provided during the externship:
Audiologic evaluation
Immittance measures
Otoacoustic emissions
Hearing aid selection
Hearing aid fitting
Assistive listening devices
Vestibular evaluation
Vestibular rehabilitation
Electrophysiology evaluation
Tinnitus evaluation
Tinnitus management
Cochlear Implant evaluation
Cochlear Implant management
Auditory Processing evaluation
Auditory Processing management
Cerumen Management
Telehealth program
ENT clinic
Inter-operative monitoring

Clinical opportunities not listed above:
One unfunded position would be available.

Externship site expects the extern to have mastered these skills before they begin their clinical externship:
Basic audiology skill set. Hearing tests, interpretation of test, hearing aid selection and counseling. Exposure to Cochlear Implant and vestibular is a plus. Exposure to and use of CPRS and VA specific systems are a plus. Previous VA or military experience is a plus.

Number of audiologists at site:

Number of staff at site:

Audiologists holding CCC-A certification:
Omaha 5, Lincoln 2

Audiologists holding ABA certification:

What level of supervision is provided:
All 3 levels based on OAA standards

Number of patients seen per year:

How many students per year both interns and externs:

Continuing Education opportunities:
Every manufacturer on contract will visit the facility twice per year when new contracts materials are released. Students are encouraged to have one off campus training event per year. Various local offerings occur which clinic will be adjusted for their attendance.

NWI also has many internal training opportunities for personal and career growth that students are encouraged to attend.

Travel to satellites required?:

Are there interdisciplinary opportunities? If so what:
Yes! Speech language Pathology, Ear, Nose, and Throat, Research, Surgery, Physical Therapy and radiology.

Are there research opportunities? If so what?:
Yes. Specifically in the area of Cochlear Implants.

Do you have a consortium or collaborative arrangements with other sites that provides additional experience?:

What communication or other support do you expect or require from university during externship?
Affiliation agreements TQVCL

Site’s application requirements:
Resume, Letter of Interest and three letters of recommendation.

Steps for the student/university to follow the application process:
Submission of the required materials.

Site’s application deadline:

Site’s externship contact:
Joe Coskey Au. D.

Anticipated decision date: